Spiti Valley Road Trip

Spiti Valley Road Trip

Spiti valley has been arousing the interest of travelers more than ever now. One can see a lot of tourists flocking to this beautiful land that holds infinite opportunities for them. Spiti Valley, also known as the middle land, has become a popular alternative as it offers the raw adventure and nature to those who are looking for such trips. There are a lot of common things between Spiti Valley and Ladakh but I will talk about it on some other day. In this article today, I will talk about some common mistakes people commit while making a Spiti Valley trip.

Why Visit Spiti Valley?

You will be amazed by the one of a kind geographical features that Spiti valley boasts of. Few quick facts that you need to know before planning a Spiti valley trip.
  1. Average elevation of entire valley is 4270 m with a fairly unpredictable weather.
  2. The valley boasts of wide varieties of flora and fauna. Snow Leopards and Himalayan Wolves are also spotted in the Pin Valley National Park during winters.
  3. You would enjoy the process of trekking and camping here.
  4. You can enjoy a great life away from the hustle-bustle of the city life.
  5. The network connectivity here is pretty bad so be prepared for it.
  6. You will get to see a lot of Tibetan influence in this area.

Best time to visit Spiti valley:

If you are planning a trip to Spiti valley then planning it in the months of May to October. It is during this time when the famous Shimla – Kinnaur highway is open. It is during the time when the valley is accessible to the rest of the world. The trip to Spiti would not be completed without visiting the gorgeous villages. In winters, the people of these villages are confined to their houses after stocking their food. This is the time when the people usually spend time in making handicrafts.

These are the villages of Spiti valley that you simply cannot miss visiting


Famous for being the highest village in the world. This one is really famous among the travelers. This village is about eight kilometres beyond the famous Ki. This village has become a famous base for local hikes. People can witness a lot of trekkers going across this region.


Asia’s highest village with Spiti’s highest monastery at an altitude of 15,049 feet (4,587 meters) above sea level. There are no words to describe the snow covered mountains and the enthralling valleys. Komic valley is totally every traveler’s dream come true.


Langza is famous for the fossils. It is a small village that has Lord Buddha presiding over it. Find brown fills, tibetan architecture in this gorgeous place. There are many snow capped peaks that only add to the beauty of Langza making it a place worth visiting. Get some amazing photo opportunities while being here.


One wonderful place that has a life of its own. You would get to learn a lot about solar power and waste management here. Find some vegetable fields and some gorgeous views of the mountains while you are here. The existence here is semi nomadic. The village is known for the weavers who live here.


Spot the mesmerising Seabuckthorn trees in Lhalung that will captivate you beyond measure. ‘Lhalung actually means ‘Land of God’. This village is said to change its colour as per the mood of the deities, turning red when deities are angry and yellow when they are happy.


A large and wonderful village that has some great places to visit such as the Dhankhar monastery, fort, stunning lake, and views to die for. Find some of the sky-high mountains, deep valleys and views to fall for, Dhankar is a place of its kind, this is one of the most unstereotyped places to visit.


Being the house for the highest post office in the country. Hikkim should surely be there on your list. The houses in Hikkim are made up of stones and muds with walls that are white in colour. The village has deep influence of Buddhism in it with prayer flags near most houses.


Well this village houses a 500 year-old mummy. Need we say something more? It will be overwhelming to witness the habitation in Giu that doesn’t have any other villages in sight. However, the USP still is the 500 year old mummy that is on a hillock and has been preserved without any chemicals!
Well, Spiti valley has everything that you will ever possibly need for a holiday to remember all your life. But the rough terrains of Spiti valley surely make it ‘not everyone’s cup of tea.’ But the beauty of this place and the peace it offers surely make people brave all the odds and visit this glorious place. So, if you are looking for some unconventional time ditching the luxury and falling in love with the adventure.
But for the couples seeking adventure, Spiti valley is one of the best places to have your honeymoon in. Have some incredible moments with the love of your life. When you want a perfect vacation, trust **US** to give you that through our customized packages planned just for you.
Manali Guide: Best places to visit in Manali

Manali Guide: Best places to visit in Manali

When we think of Manali, what comes to our mind is enchanting beauty, mystique hills, serene snow. All of this makes up for a wonderful honeymoon destination. Honeymoon is certainly the most magical time of a couple’s life. It is the time when they can know each other better and create some magical memories that will stay etched in their hearts forever.
Manali is surely a great escape for young couples from the scorching Delhi heat. The climate of Manali is very soothing and helps to create a great ambiance for romance. It also serves as a great weekend getaway. One can try some of the most romantic adventures in Manali.
Also, if you are wondering about the best time to visit Manali then it is October to February. This is the season of winters and the climate is totally amazing at this time. Also, one can find fresh snow during this time and the temperature also drops below zero degree Celsius during this time.
So, celebrate romance with the love of your life in the mesmerizing backdrop of Manali. We are listing down some of the best places to visit in Manali that will make you want to visit there right now.

Most wonderful Places to visit in Manali:

1. Hadimba Devi Temple

You are starting off a new phase in your life, why not start it with the blessings of almighty? Hadimba Devi temple is dedicated to the wife of Bhima from the times of Mahabharata. As far as the eyes can go, one can see gorgeous Cedar forests. It is believed that the rock on which this shrine is built is actually the image of Goddess Hadimba herself! With the cone shaped roof, wooden doorways and walls definitely set it apart from other temples. So, revel in peace and beauty in the lap of nature while being here. Also, isn’t it a great idea to start your Manali holiday after taking blessings from the almighty.

2. Solang valley

If you and your partner have a thing for adventure then Solang valley is the best place to visit. This place serves as one of the best places for paragliding adventures in India. Other than that, one can also try parachuting, horse riding etc. One can try some of the best adventures being here such as paragliding, zorbing, snowmobiling, camping, quad biking, skiing etc. One of the major tourist hotspots here is the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, this place is every skier’s dream come true. So, the next time you visit Soland valley, make sure to visit Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports.

3. Pin Valley National Park

You might have visited many national parks in the past but this one is completely different. With less than zero temperature and almost frozen rivers, this one is a gorgeous place for honeymooners. One can spot a lot of endangered species in this area. If you are a nature and wildlife enthusiast then this is one of the best places to be in Manali. This national park is also famous for conservation of Snow leopard. There are about 12 snow leopards living in there. The temperature of this place is cold and it is dotted with less of vegetation. Other than that, this area is also marked by influence of Tibetan culture.

4. Jogini waterfalls

A gorgeous waterfall at the height of 8956 feet, visit this with your love. Also, this place is dedicated to the village goddess Jogini. This one also has religious value as it is a spot of female power known as ‘shakti peeth”. This waterfalls has a stream running down that joins it to the river Beas in the Kullu valley. So, visiting it with your partner in the beginning of your married life is a great idea. Also, one would have to hike a little to reach till here. However, once you reach here, it’s all worth it! Make sure to carry your camera along to capture some of the most magnificent moments to remember forever.

5. Bhrigu lake

This lake is set up at 14000 feet and one can enjoy some of the most scenic views of the mountains. Reaching there is surely an adventurous task that the couples will have a beautiful time enjoying. This trek to reach here will make you feast your eyes on snow covered mountains, meadows, forests etc. Other than that, also overlook the famous Deo Tibba, Seven sisters peaks, Hanuman Tibba etc that will captivate you. Also, some animals such as snow cocks, Himalayan Monals, Pheasants etc would greet you in this journey to the lake. This lake looks the most stunning when it’s frozen. So, may be this place can serve as an ideal spot to propose the love of your life.

6. Vashisht Kund

If you in any case, get tired of the cold weather of Manali then Vashisht Kund is a great place to visit. You can dip feet in this natural hot spring. Also, you can get to hear some of the best mythological tales. Known as the paradise for the backpackers, it is said that one of the Saptrishis, Rishi Vashisht stayed here for some time. After knowing that his children were killed by Vishwamtirs, he tried to commit suicide here but the river refused to kill him. Thus, the river is named as Vipashs which literally means ‘freedom from Bondage’. Also, get to have the most scenic views of the older Manali and Beas river from here. It gave a new lease of life to Rishi Vashisht, it can offer the same to you as well.

7. Rohtang Pass:

Now, we all have seen a dancing Kareena in gorgeous snow covered passes in the beginning of the famous song, ‘Ye ishq haaye’ from the movie ‘Jab we met’. Well, that location is actually the gorgeous Rohtang Pass. This wonderful location is totally one of its kinds. Though it is not exactly in Manali but it shares proximity to Manali. Visit Rohtang pass between May to June or October to November. It is a treat to all the adventure enthusiast during this time as it is popping up with some exciting opportunities for skiing, snow scooter, mountain biking etc. Also, if you are not into adventure, then also there are plenty of options to enjoy in a serene environment watching some gorgeous views.

Thus, you cannot just find some of the best places to visit in Manali but also find some of the most exciting opportunities for romance. So, if you are thinking of visiting this epic place then all you need to do is to contact us. We will take care of everything that is probably needed to make your trip the one to remember. So, that you don’t have to worry about anything and you can simply enjoy your trip!

Things to do in Manali

Things to do in Manali

Manali is one of the most gorgeous destinations that will make all your vacation dreams come to life. The best part about this destination is that it can be whatever you would want it to be. Be it a perfect place for a family vacation, an insightful place for a solo vacation or a great weekend getaway! Manali even has everything that would work in its favour to make it a honeymooner’s paradise.
There are a lot of great experiences that are waiting for you in Manali. We will list a few of them here which would be the best things to do in Manali. All this will make you more motivated to pack your bags and leave for an exciting vacation.

So, read on . . .

1. Old Manali – The real eye candy.

We would surely suggest you to visit Old Manali which is a wonderful place to find some cozy cafes. Find some of the best food and quality time visiting one with your partner. Other than that, there are also some markets with the Himalayan charm that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

2. Try some un-stereotyped ideas such as staying in a tree house.

To have an unconventional experience in Manali, spend a day with your beloved in tree house! Yes, you heard it right. Manali has a lot of tree houses. You can spend some of the quietest and most serene time along with nature and the love of your life.

3. Ditch your car and ride a Yak.

Well, they say, ‘when in Rome, act like Romans.’ We are sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on riding a yak and give a little treat to the child in you. The beautiful backdrop only enhances the value of this experience making it a ride to remember. Riding this would be one of the best things to do in Manali.

4. Have a fun time biking Across Manali.

If your heart beats for some adventure then you would love to rent bikes and ride across Manali. This is going to be a fun way to explore Manali being a feisty rider and soaking in all the natural beauty that comes your way and having some good time in the lap of nature.

5. Establish a connection with divinity by visiting some gorgeous Tibetan Monasteries.

The Tibetan monasteries are a great place to get away from inner chaos and seek peace. One can get closer to the Buddhist culture being here. One can find some of the most popular monasteries in Tibet such as the Himalayan Nyingamapa Gompa, Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa Manali Gompa, etc.

6. Enroll in some wonderful adventure activities.

Manali has no dearth of some of the best adventure activities that can be tried such as trekking, rafting, mountain biking, jeep safaris, paragliding, etc. Adventure lovers will totally fall in love with the experiences that Manali has to offer. Enjoy going on the hills being on the Manali’s Mountaineering Institute to enjoy some great rock climbing and high altitude hiking opportunities.

7. Have fun during rafting

Rafting is another amazing adventure that one can try in Himachal. The famous Beas River which flows through Manali will provide you with some great thrills. In fact, people from all over India come here to have a rafting experience that is one of its kind. Pirdi also has a dedicated water sports center where one can try some great water adventure activities.

8. Visit the famous Gulaba

Gulaba happens to be one of the best secret sites of Manali. Being at the height of 4000 m, one can find some of the most stunning snow covered mountains, grasslands and the beautiful Beas river in Gulaba. Raja Gulab Singh of Kashmir made this place his campsite and he used to visit this place very often. There are some amazing vistas waiting for you in Gulaba.

9. Trek till the famous Jana Waterfalls

Jana Waterfalls is another gorgeous place that one can find in the famous Naggar, Manali. Find the most stunning Deodar trees, Apple orchards, Pine Trees, etc here. The beauty of Jana waterfalls is surreal but it is equally exciting to trek till here. So, make sure to keep a comfortable pair of shoes in your travel backpack.

Thus, these are some of the best things to do in Manali that will make your vacation really amazing and will gift you with some precious memories to remember forever. We are one of the leading travel experts of the country. You can Contact us to plan your holiday keeping every minute detail about your likes and dislikes in mind.

Spiti Valley Tours From Mumbai

Spiti Valley Tours From Mumbai

They say, ‘only the one who has travelled has lived truly.’ This is one of those statements that simply can’t be more correct. Spiti valley is one of the most wonderful places that can be visited on a holiday. This is a totally mesmerizing land that will stun you beyond measure. The mountains here give you incredible peace, serenity and solitude.

Discover Unexplored Places with Spiti Tour Packages

Best Spiti Tour Packages From Delhi Duration Packages Details
Kinnaur Spiti Valley Tour 8 Nights / 9 Days View Details
Himachal Delights 6 Nights / 7 Days View Details
Kinnaur Valley Tour 7 Nights / 8 Days View Details
Let’s dive into some of the wonderful aspects of this glorious place that you can unravel on Spiti valley tours from Mumbai
The stretch of Barren mountains will create infinite possibilities for soul searching.
Being at the altitude of 12500 ft above the sea level, Spiti valley is a sight to fall in love with. One can find a lot of positivity and peace in the barren mountains that seem to be changing after every few feet.
Find love in some of the most gorgeous lakes that adds up to the entire experience.
How can you visit Spiti Valley and not stop at the famous and gorgeous Chandrataal lake? A spell bounding lake in the lap of nature that will help you create your own fairytale in the starlit skies.
The mesmerizing Milky Way at Pin Valley will create an experience to remember for all your life.
If you have never fallen in love with the universe then this place will make you do that. You don’t get to see Milky way everywhere. Thus, a lot of tourists book Spiti Valley tours from Mumbai to witness this magic.
Pin Valley will give you an insight into the religious aspects of Spiti Valley that will mesmerize you.
There are a lot of religious beliefs that one can witness in Spiti Valley. This place is also called as the land of Buchen Llamas. Buchen Llamas are worshipped by locals to drive away evil spirits.
Find divinity in the Kye Gompa monastery which is one of the most revered places.
Kye Gompa is the famous Tibetan Buddhist monastery which is on the top of a hill. This monastery is at the height of 4,166 meters above sea level. Also, its proximity to the Spiti River will also create some of the most beautiful views for you.
Spend time in Komic village that is the highest motorable village in Asia.
Visit the famous Komic village and find some of the most scenic views here. It is also famous for being the highest motorable village in the whole of Asia. You would not be able to have enough of the beauty in the freezing cold temperature of -30 degree Celsius.
Find a home for yourself in one of those home stays.
Well, to get closer to the culture and traditions of Spiti valley, you can opt to stay in a homestay. The people of Spiti valley are very warm and friendly. So, ditch the hotels in this trip and find some warmth in a homestay. Create some crazy adventure stories to tell your kids!
If adventure sails your boat, then Spiti valley is one of the best spots for you to visit.

One can try some of the best adventure sports being here such as Rafting. It is truly a daring task to ride the rapids and have a great story to tell your kids. Do you need another reason to book Spiti valley tours from Mumbai?

Meet the Chachi Chacha!

There is a very famous dhaba in Spiti valley named Chandra Dhaba. You must have some tea over there. The owners of this place are called as Chachi Chacha by the visitors here with love. And the most incredible part is that they have been here since 41 years, so ek baar jaana toh banta hai!

Thus, these are some of the best reasons why Spiti valley tours from Mumbai are so famous. People want to escape the hustle bustle of the city life and have some time with their own selves. And Spiti Valley provides infinite possibilities to do that.

Manali Honeymoon Package from Delhi

Manali Honeymoon Package from Delhi

We all know how awfully hot the scorching heat of Delhi can be! All the fellow Delhi people will agree with me here. Have you have walked down the aisle recently? Are you wondering about which place to visit for a honeymoon? Well, Manali is your best option. There can be nothing in the world more romantic than being with your beloved in the mountains while it’s snowing. Well, this romantic dream of yours can come true.
With movies like ‘Ye Jawaani hai Deewani’ that have helped in romanticizing this enticing land, almost every youngster wants to visit Manali. Let us assure you, whatever you have seen in the movie is too less than what actually is there in Manali.
If you are still confused about making plans to this gorgeous destination, let us tell you a few things that would clear all the confusions for you. We are sure that it will make you want to pack your bags and leave!

Romantic Manali Honeymoon Packages from Delhi

Best Manali Packages From Delhi Duration Package Details
Shimla Manali Cab Tour Package 5 Nights / 6 Days View Details
Manali 3 Nights Cab Tour Package 3 Nights / 4 Days View Details
Shimla Manali Volvo Package 5 Nights / 6 Days View Details
Manali Volvo Tour Package 2 Nights / 3 Days View Details
Manali is a great respite from ‘Dilli ki garmi’.
Yes, if you are from Delhi, all you need during Summers is to save yourself from melting in the Delhi heat. Manali is an awesome place to visit this summer. When people make honeymoon plans in summers, the last thing they would want would be to stay indoors to save their skin!
The snow here will make it’s way to your heart.
Think about snow-covered mountains that become a treat to your eyes. Don’t you just love it? Well, Manali has an abundance of snow. So, think of your honeymoon in gorgeous winter clothes, making a snowman and throwing snowballs at each other. If this isn’t romantic, what else could possibly be?
It is a delight for adventurous couples.
If you and your partner are a fan of some crazy adventures then you must book Manali honeymoon package from Delhi. Solang valley in Manali is one of the best places in Manali for paragliding. Especially if you are a beginner then this place is wonderful for you.
Cable Car rides along with the great backdrop of Manali.
Manali has some of the best landscapes you would ever find, this is a fact that is already established. But you can enjoy these scenic views along with the thrills of being in a cable car that enhances the experience. Enjoy the views of cliffs, valleys and mountains covered with snow as you enjoy being in a cable car.
Find some of the best cozy cafes.
Manali has some quirky and cozy cafes that are ideal for spending time in while honeymooning in Manali. Have the best of Himalayan food that will lift up your spirits and feed the foody in you.
Manali is one of the most budget-friendly destinations that you can visit.
Manali is also easy on your pocket. So, don’t worry about burning a hole in your pocket while getting Manali honeymoon package from Delhi. One would find a lot of people traveling to Manali because it is one of the best places to find luxury within a budget.
We are sure the voice in your heart would have started calling out to Manali by now. Have the best time in your life by booking a Manali honeymoon package from Delhi. Contact us (Attach hyperlink). We will customize the best honeymoon package for you as per your needs and budget.