Well, in the busy livelihood of Delhi, you must have got bored from your monotonous life, Right? It is 2019 and Delhi is becoming one of the most polluted cities of the World. Plenty of cars, bad fuel and an issue in breathing, well these are the signs you need to take a break from your stressful life. So, what is that one affordable and beautiful place you can visit with your loved ones? Yes, Himachal Pradesh can be an absolute joy to visit. Even more, you can avail the best Himachal Tour Packages from Delhi and rejoice to the fullest extent.
Discovering the beauty of Himachal, it comprises of enrapturing mountains, clean blue water and free air that awaits your presence.
Moving ahead, let’s discover the potential and most beautiful things about Himachal, you would have long waited for.

Discover Scenic Places with Himachal Holiday Tour Packages

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Grand Himachal 11 Nights /12 Days View Details
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Kinnaur Valley Tour 7 Nights/8 Days View Details

Avail Himachal Tour Packages from Delhi and Discover its Beauty

First of all, Himachal is a symbol of resplendent beauty whereas you can discover some of the most stunning things, right in this place. It is defining the symbol of incredible India whereas the government is working quite well to make it a much better place.

Covering all together through blissful air and clean climate, you wouldn’t mind getting lost in the same, all over.

You will really fall short in words describing the beauty of Himachal as there are lots to be said and felt.

Starting with the first ever place Kasol, it’s an enchanting place which resides on the Parvati Valley. Altogether, Kasol is a blend of amazing culture along with a touch of Himachal culture

In this location, many Israelis still reside whereas the place has experienced massive growth in overall tourism. Altogether, Kasol is a popular destination that delivers an enigmatic way of seeing life and loving the true aspects.
Also, in Kasol, you won’t find an issue staying in hotels which are on the affordable side. For a minimum of 500rs, you can stay for one night availing the basic necessities. Secondly, the Mcleodganj is a brilliant place you can visit by availing the Himachal Tour packages from Delhi.
Over the course of time, this place is well known for its exotic color and nature. You can visualize the Mcleodganj as a mini tablet where the Monasteries and cafes are well crafted.
Mostly, you will see Israelis living in majority whereas their serving nature is beyond par. For shopping, Mcleodganj has always been heaven whereas you can shop for your favorite items all together. Be it hand-crafted kinds of stuff or other households, you can get plenty of them at an affordable price.

Get To Know More about the Beauty of Himachal

Thirdly, if you want to visit a serene place that has got clear sky and greenery all over, Bir can be absolute heaven. Together with your family or friends, you can visit Bir, spend some quality time and rejoice in the never-ending moment.
Walking around the streets of Bir, you will not feel tired even for a second. Even more, the Picturesque Bir is a prominent center of ecotourism, meditation, and spiritual studies. Hence, you can visit this amazing place and spend time learning spirituality and understanding life.
Lastly, the Spiti Valley is a place that will make you hold your precious breath, for a second. Placed right into the arms of higher mountains like the Kunzum Pass, this place is a precious gift to the lands of Himachal.

By discovery, Spiti comes in the middle of India and Tibet which brings an exclusive Buddhist culture.

Also, this place brings an amazing research and culture center of Buddhism which you can visit and actually learn Buddhism.

In Spiti, you can even perform trekking across the Chandra Taal Lake and have a euphoric camp night at the Chandra Taal. More to it, you can enjoy the Mountain ropeway at Chichum where you can discover the entire Monastery, through your eyes.

Also, at night, you can actually witness full moon from the clear mountains from where you can thank God for the amazing creation.

Final Word of Mouth

So, there we go! Hope you have gone through the amazing beauty places of Himachal and must be willing to visit, Right? Well, you can avail the best Himachal Tour packages from Delhi at a much affordable price.

Even more, Himachal is well-known for delicious eating where you can grab some of the best foods, at affordable prices. Be it Indian or any delicious dessert, you say and the same will definitely be presented to you.

After which, with your loved ones or friends, you can easefully visit Himachal and explore the enchanting beauty of India.