This is not a blog post but a shout out to all the travel bugs in Kolkata. We know you love to travel and we know you like mountains. So here it is straight from the heart. Our little wordy delight on the best Kinnaur tour packages from Kolkata. Kinnaur is a place for those who are seeking some “me time” with a hint of spiritualism. Its also for those who are a little bit adventurous.

What’s so great about Kinnaur?

To being with when we speak about Kinnaur, we are speaking about the whole district. The entire district is dotted with places which you would love to the core. Its a fusion of cultures. There are Buddhist temples as well as many ancient Hindu temples to calm your nerves. That’s why Kinnaur is also known as “Land of Gods”. Well, there are many elements which would entice you to avail one of the great Kinnaur tour packages from Kolkata. After all the place has everything which a warm-hearted Bengali loves while traveling.

Some facts about Kinnaur which would motivate you to pack your bags now!

Kinnaur is a place full of beautiful sights and surprises. Here are some of the reasons that would really encourage you to take the first flight out of Kolkata and land up at Kinnaur.

#1 Everyone is a brewer (Well Almost)

Might come as a surprise but almost every house in the region has a small brewery. They brew their own version of wine called the anguri. Anguri is a wine made of grapes, apples and apricots. Gulping down a few bottles of anguri will surely help you enjoy the place better.

#2 There is more to drink

Well! Anguri is not the end of the fun at Kinnaur. If you are done with Anguri, then try Shutung, Moori and Rashi next. Yeah but dont mix and drink. Go slow and enjoy them one by one.

#3 The Storage System

Since you are there, and you can see the cold himalyan region. One would wonder how these guys store their food and grains in such harsh conditions. Just check out the structures called Kathar, its a wooden structure which every household has. They use it to keep their grains safe.

#4 It also has the last village of India

Chitkul in the Kinnaur district is the last village of India. Its a short drive from Sangla and the little himalayan village is a place you should not ignore. Trust us! It could be one of the highlighting feature of your  Kinnaur tour packages from Kolkata.

How to reach Kinnaur from Kolkata

Depending on the  Kinnaur tour packages from Kolkata  you avail. There are many ways of reaching Kinnaur. Mind you Kinnaur is only connected via road and does not have any airport or railway station. You can fly down to Delhi, Chandigarh or Shimla from Kolkata. From there just hire a taxi to reach Kinnaur. Alternatively, you can also take a bus and enjoy the picture-seq journey.

In case you are a person who is a fan of the Indian Railways. The nearest railway station where you can land is Kalka. Kinnaur is about 356 Kms from there. Hire a taxi or take a bus. Reach there and enjoy.

Want us to plan the best Kinnaur tour packages from Kolkata

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