Spiti valley has been arousing the interest of travelers more than ever now. One can see a lot of tourists flocking to this beautiful land that holds infinite opportunities for them. Spiti Valley, also known as the middle land, has become a popular alternative as it offers the raw adventure and nature to those who are looking for such trips. There are a lot of common things between Spiti Valley and Ladakh but I will talk about it on some other day. In this article today, I will talk about some common mistakes people commit while making a Spiti Valley trip.

Why Visit Spiti Valley?

You will be amazed by the one of a kind geographical features that Spiti valley boasts of. Few quick facts that you need to know before planning a Spiti valley trip.
  1. Average elevation of entire valley is 4270 m with a fairly unpredictable weather.
  2. The valley boasts of wide varieties of flora and fauna. Snow Leopards and Himalayan Wolves are also spotted in the Pin Valley National Park during winters.
  3. You would enjoy the process of trekking and camping here.
  4. You can enjoy a great life away from the hustle-bustle of the city life.
  5. The network connectivity here is pretty bad so be prepared for it.
  6. You will get to see a lot of Tibetan influence in this area.

Best time to visit Spiti valley:

If you are planning a trip to Spiti valley then planning it in the months of May to October. It is during this time when the famous Shimla – Kinnaur highway is open. It is during the time when the valley is accessible to the rest of the world. The trip to Spiti would not be completed without visiting the gorgeous villages. In winters, the people of these villages are confined to their houses after stocking their food. This is the time when the people usually spend time in making handicrafts.

These are the villages of Spiti valley that you simply cannot miss visiting


Famous for being the highest village in the world. This one is really famous among the travelers. This village is about eight kilometres beyond the famous Ki. This village has become a famous base for local hikes. People can witness a lot of trekkers going across this region.


Asia’s highest village with Spiti’s highest monastery at an altitude of 15,049 feet (4,587 meters) above sea level. There are no words to describe the snow covered mountains and the enthralling valleys. Komic valley is totally every traveler’s dream come true.


Langza is famous for the fossils. It is a small village that has Lord Buddha presiding over it. Find brown fills, tibetan architecture in this gorgeous place. There are many snow capped peaks that only add to the beauty of Langza making it a place worth visiting. Get some amazing photo opportunities while being here.


One wonderful place that has a life of its own. You would get to learn a lot about solar power and waste management here. Find some vegetable fields and some gorgeous views of the mountains while you are here. The existence here is semi nomadic. The village is known for the weavers who live here.


Spot the mesmerising Seabuckthorn trees in Lhalung that will captivate you beyond measure. ‘Lhalung actually means ‘Land of God’. This village is said to change its colour as per the mood of the deities, turning red when deities are angry and yellow when they are happy.


A large and wonderful village that has some great places to visit such as the Dhankhar monastery, fort, stunning lake, and views to die for. Find some of the sky-high mountains, deep valleys and views to fall for, Dhankar is a place of its kind, this is one of the most unstereotyped places to visit.


Being the house for the highest post office in the country. Hikkim should surely be there on your list. The houses in Hikkim are made up of stones and muds with walls that are white in colour. The village has deep influence of Buddhism in it with prayer flags near most houses.


Well this village houses a 500 year-old mummy. Need we say something more? It will be overwhelming to witness the habitation in Giu that doesn’t have any other villages in sight. However, the USP still is the 500 year old mummy that is on a hillock and has been preserved without any chemicals!
Well, Spiti valley has everything that you will ever possibly need for a holiday to remember all your life. But the rough terrains of Spiti valley surely make it ‘not everyone’s cup of tea.’ But the beauty of this place and the peace it offers surely make people brave all the odds and visit this glorious place. So, if you are looking for some unconventional time ditching the luxury and falling in love with the adventure.
But for the couples seeking adventure, Spiti valley is one of the best places to have your honeymoon in. Have some incredible moments with the love of your life. When you want a perfect vacation, trust **US** to give you that through our customized packages planned just for you.