They say, ‘only the one who has travelled has lived truly.’ This is one of those statements that simply can’t be more correct. Spiti valley is one of the most wonderful places that can be visited on a holiday. This is a totally mesmerizing land that will stun you beyond measure. The mountains here give you incredible peace, serenity and solitude.

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Let’s dive into some of the wonderful aspects of this glorious place that you can unravel on Spiti valley tours from Mumbai
The stretch of Barren mountains will create infinite possibilities for soul searching.
Being at the altitude of 12500 ft above the sea level, Spiti valley is a sight to fall in love with. One can find a lot of positivity and peace in the barren mountains that seem to be changing after every few feet.
Find love in some of the most gorgeous lakes that adds up to the entire experience.
How can you visit Spiti Valley and not stop at the famous and gorgeous Chandrataal lake? A spell bounding lake in the lap of nature that will help you create your own fairytale in the starlit skies.
The mesmerizing Milky Way at Pin Valley will create an experience to remember for all your life.
If you have never fallen in love with the universe then this place will make you do that. You don’t get to see Milky way everywhere. Thus, a lot of tourists book Spiti Valley tours from Mumbai to witness this magic.
Pin Valley will give you an insight into the religious aspects of Spiti Valley that will mesmerize you.
There are a lot of religious beliefs that one can witness in Spiti Valley. This place is also called as the land of Buchen Llamas. Buchen Llamas are worshipped by locals to drive away evil spirits.
Find divinity in the Kye Gompa monastery which is one of the most revered places.
Kye Gompa is the famous Tibetan Buddhist monastery which is on the top of a hill. This monastery is at the height of 4,166 meters above sea level. Also, its proximity to the Spiti River will also create some of the most beautiful views for you.
Spend time in Komic village that is the highest motorable village in Asia.
Visit the famous Komic village and find some of the most scenic views here. It is also famous for being the highest motorable village in the whole of Asia. You would not be able to have enough of the beauty in the freezing cold temperature of -30 degree Celsius.
Find a home for yourself in one of those home stays.
Well, to get closer to the culture and traditions of Spiti valley, you can opt to stay in a homestay. The people of Spiti valley are very warm and friendly. So, ditch the hotels in this trip and find some warmth in a homestay. Create some crazy adventure stories to tell your kids!
If adventure sails your boat, then Spiti valley is one of the best spots for you to visit.

One can try some of the best adventure sports being here such as Rafting. It is truly a daring task to ride the rapids and have a great story to tell your kids. Do you need another reason to book Spiti valley tours from Mumbai?

Meet the Chachi Chacha!

There is a very famous dhaba in Spiti valley named Chandra Dhaba. You must have some tea over there. The owners of this place are called as Chachi Chacha by the visitors here with love. And the most incredible part is that they have been here since 41 years, so ek baar jaana toh banta hai!

Thus, these are some of the best reasons why Spiti valley tours from Mumbai are so famous. People want to escape the hustle bustle of the city life and have some time with their own selves. And Spiti Valley provides infinite possibilities to do that.